I’m Teya – a fan of all things fitness, who just happens to have cerebral palsy.

CP varies significantly from person to person; in my case my right arm and leg are affected so that I am extremely weak on that side and movement is limited. It also has a huge impact on my coordination and balance (so sport hasn't exactly been my best friend over the years!).

Although I am an independent and mobile adult, nonetheless my disability has a massive impact on my daily life. With many everyday tasks I must adapt them or ask for help (something which I am still terrible at doing). Exercise and sport has always been an intimidating world for me: I immediately felt different and incapable upon entering a gym or fitness centre. Nevertheless, I have always secretly wanted to take part, and keeping reasonably fit has always been important to me. Realising how difficult and scary, but also possible, it is for someone that does not fit the typical 'gym fanatic' mould to engage in the world of fitness is what has inspired me to share my story.

My journey is a personal one and reflects my individual situation, however, I have decided to write this blog to share with anyone out there, disabled or not, who is plagued by self-doubt and the dreaded “I can’t” and needs a little reminder to ignore that voice, and tips on how to do so effectively and consistently. The purpose of this is not to share workouts or nutrition plans (although I may suggest the odd thing that has helped me) but merely ideas on how to break free from your mental obstacles, which are just as hindering as any physical ones you may have. I am still learning new exercises or routines every day and I am by no means an expert*, but it means I can share my struggles as I go, from the heart.

Thank you for checking out my blog, I hope you find it useful and please do leave a comment! You can also follow my journey on Instagram at instagram.com/teya-in-training


* I am not qualified as a doctor, an instructor nor a dietitian, so anything I do mention on this site is merely from my own experience and may not be applicable to your individual case. Please remember to consult a medical practitioner (and physiotherapist if you have one) for any professional advice you may need before starting a new fitness regime.