Welcome to my blog. Here I talk about all things 'fitness'. Yes, I can see your eyes roll at yet another fitness blogger, but hang on just one second. You see, the reason for writing my blog isn't to share my perfect life and how easy it is to get fit and active, but rather the complete opposite. As a disabled person, I can tell you that my 'fitness journey' has been far from easy, and it's definitely nowhere near perfect. So if you are also someone who is struggling to get active for whatever reason, and is finding that actually it's not always that easy, then this is for you. 

If you want to know a bit more about me, just click here, and do leave a comment on any of the posts to share your experiences as I'd love to hear from you!

Work(out)/life balance

Having written about how to make a ‘comeback’ to exercise after a fall or time away (or just a complete fresh start), this time I wanted to explore how you can keep exercise as a key part of your life, whilst also managing all of life’s other commitments. Because the reality is, the best way to get fit, is to get consistent. However, living in a world where time is the currency in which we’re all poor, it is often to the biggest obstacle to training regularly. With m…

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When injury strikes…

Less than a month after my comeback post, I hit another hurdle in the form of yet another injury! This time it was not at all exercise related, just me being my wobbly self and slipping backwards in the shower. A trip to A&E later confirmed nothing broken just some bruised ribs, on my left (strongest) side, and with an approximately 4 week recovery time.

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Comeback Queen

Hi everyone! Long time no post, hey? So, as you may have guessed, 2018 didn’t quite go to plan. Technical issues and life complications were thrown my way so I had to shut down this blog down for a while.

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Time For A Change

My last post was about starting (or restarting) a fitness routine, in light of the New Year commencing. I hope you are well underway with whatever activity you’ve chosen to pursue; despite a few hiccoughs and an incredibly busy start to the year, I’m pleased to report that I am also on track. In fact, I am more active than ever, although not so much with the activities I had originally embarked on!In January, the expiry date of my gym membership coincided with the start of a new job,…

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2018: Let's Do This

Happy New Year!It’s that dreaded time of year where we often feel obliged to change things about ourselves due to social conventions. However, it can be a time to just reflect on the elements of your life that make you happy and wish to continue, and those that don’t and look at simple ways to adjust or improve on those. My New Year’s resolution is to focus more on myself and the things I enjoy doing, and this includes this blog and my fitness journey.Unfortunately, this blog has been somewhat n…

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